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Urban Foxes

I started following a family of urban red foxes in Surrey - England back in 2013 with my partner and fellow photographer Alannah Hawker, and since then have seen three litters of new cubs grow and develop. The family we follow is based around a central matriarch - the vixen 'Jack' (born in 2012) who has managed to hold her territory and successfully bring up her cubs to adulthood for the past three years, and it is a privilege to witness the lives of these beautiful creatures that go on completely under our noses. Over the years 'Jack' has grown to trust us more and more, and has gradually let us see more and more of her life - even bringing out her 4 week old cubs (younger than many ever see) to show us. We have now seen 16 cubs on the journey to adulthood, and although many have not made it, the intimate journey into their lives has made this one of my most rewarding projects to date.

Please note that these foxes are 100% wild, and are not baited or interfered with in any way.

For more information on the foxes please see Alannah's website at
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