Artistic Licensing



Most of the work seen on this site is available to professional and amateur artists for the use of reference images, and the rights to use my work is claimed by purchasing an artistic licence for the image. An artistic licence will allow you access to a full-sized, medium to high resolution copy of the chosen image purely for reference purposes, provides a certificate of purchase for use in competition entries and also grants the artist permission to sell the eventual result with no financial compensation to me. You will not, however, be able to distribute my image further, and nor will you be able to make prints other than for artistic or personal reasons attributed to your work.

If you cannot find what you're looking for in my galleries, then I may have a file stored on my system that has not yet made it to the internet, so please contact me and I'll see what I can arrange. I have a number of files that are not online because of their photographic flaws, but which may still be good for referencing. These will be available at a reduced cost.

Artistic licences range in cost depending on the usage as follows: 


- PRIVATE USE LICENCE (£10)A private use licence gives access to a medium-resolution non-watermarked file for purely personal usage. This means you are able to use the piece as reference for your art, but can not financially benefit from the sale of the original, prints or other products. You are however able to share the image online with appropriate credit.

- SMALL-SCALE COMMERCIAL LICENCE (£30): A small-scale commercial licence is the most common type of licence, and allows the buyer to profit from the sale of any products related to the outcome of the reference (including the original piece, prints etc.). This provides access to a full-resolution, non-watermarked original image along with a receipt of purchase and certificate of licence for use in competitions.

- FULL COMMERCIAL LICENCE: This allows usage of the work in full commercial adverts, including, but not limited to, television adverts, billboards, large-scale item productions and more. This is arranged on a case by case basis, so please contact me to discuss options.

All artists will also be able to access the closed artist reference galleries. These contain many more images that do not feature on the main site, and all are available for usage at the same cost. For access to browse these galleries, please contact me.
For more information, answers to any questions or to purchase an artistic licence for an image please contact me


Images courtesy of:
Jess Stanley - Professional wildlife and pet artist (left)
 Sarah Stribbling - Professional wildlife artist (right)



"I have been following Lawrie's photography for a few years. After seeing his work I thought they would make lovely fine art portraits for me to create from his work, so I contacted Lawrie who was easy to contact, great to talk to ,down to earth and professional, he explained the artistic license guidelines for me, once agreed and payment was sent Lawrie sent me a high resolution photo that I enquired about along with a artistic licence certificate. I will definitely be using more of Lawrie's images in the future . I'm very grateful he allows artists to use his images at a good cost . Thank you Lawrie"

Jess Stanley -